Revisiting the Szczepankiewicz Family of Lorain, Ohio – originally from Konin County, Poland

I am a descendant of Jozef Kazierz (Joseph Casimir) Szczepankiewicz and Petronela (AKA Petronilla) Jasniewska of Zlotkow, Konin County, Poland, through my mother Virginia H. Zagorsky Limes, who was a grand-daughter of Antonina Szczepankiewicz.

Antonina’s daughter was Josephine who married Andrew Zagorsky.  They settled in Lorain, Ohio and had 11 children – Joseph, Frank, Helen, Mary, Virginia (born Regina – my mother) Floyd, Veronica Irene,  Alexander “Al”, Edward, Theresa, and Stanley Zagorsky . 

Josephine (or Jozefa) took her mother’s maiden name of Szczepankiewicz. The name of her father is unknown.  Sadly, there is no record of a marriage between Antonina Szczepankiewicz and anyone in Poland or in America.

Antonina was a sister to Antoni Szczepankiewicz. They are buried at Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio.  I am also from Lorain, Ohio.

I created  a Facebook Page for the Szczepankiewicz Family. 

In 2017, I met by chance Joan Stevens (Szczepankiewicz) of Lorain, Ohio at Calvary Cemetery in Lorain who was decorating the gravesite of her parents, Stanley and Sophie Szczepankiewicz. It was so wonderful to meet her in person.  We had corresponded some over the years.

I know Joan has or had a sister named Carol who was married to a gentleman named Julian Hazelwood who I am told died May 3, 2001 in Lake City Florida.  As of this writing, I do not know if his widow, Carol Szczepankiewicz Hazelwood, is still living or not.  I know they had one daughter, Cynthia Hazelwood. 

Cynthia Hazelwood married Gordon Neville and they had 3 children:  Nathaniel, Melissa, and Jessica.  I only know that Jessica married a gentleman named Jason Cleary.  Also, Cynthia Hazelwood has a known second marriage to David Bell.  And, that is all I know about these folks.
Stanley Szczepankiewicz, son of Antoni and Victoria (Krokos) Szczepankiewicz, kept his Polish surname, however, his three surviving siblings did not. 
They adopted the surname of Stevens. They were:  Stella (who married Harry Day), Marion who married Helen Katoch, and Frank who married Helen Ann Russel.
The youngest son of Antoni and Victoria was Charles Szczepankiewicz (1912 – 1941) who died unmarried with no children –  he also kept the Szczepankiewicz surname.
I did have my DNA done, and I have a match with a young lady named Taylor Stewart. Her great-grandmother was Phyllis Green Ames.
Phyllis was the daughter of Edna V. Szczepankiewicz and Lawrence Vinton Green.
Edna was the daughter of Antoni Szczepankiewicz and his first wife, Jozefa Dudek. Antoni married Jozefa in 1897, however, she died in Poland. He married again to Victoria Krokos, on January 23, 1901 in Poland.
My DNA match is quite helpful to me, however, one day I hope to learn of more DNA matches for me with others in this Szczepankiewicz family.