Ohio veteran finds wife’s grave in ‘unacceptable’ condition

Ossie Tacket is an 89-year-old military veteran battling prostate cancer.

Source: Ohio veteran finds wife’s grave in ‘unacceptable’ condition

An Excerpt from this story.:
“The Ohio Department of Commerce is in charge of overseeing the enforcement of the laws related to cemeteries and released this statement today:

The oversight of Ohio’s cemeteries is a responsibility we take seriously. The passage of House Bill 168 helps by giving the Division more authority to assist in cemetery complaints and ensuring that cemeteries are complying with Ohio Cemetery Law. Additionally, a grant program will be established through this passage, which will offset some of the maintenance and training costs associated with operating a cemetery. Our team is hard at work formulating the guidelines for the implementation of this new law, specifically the Cemetery Grant Program.

Like most bills, the new law goes into effect 90 days after the Governor signs it.

Unfortunately, the law will have no immediate impact for the Tacket’s current situation. However, it should make it so things like what happened to them do not happen to other families.”

Floral Hills has been in legal disputes for years, ever since the sale of the cemetery.

Tacket says, the original owners he purchased the plot, vault, headstone and plaque from were wonderful people who cared about the cemetery.

He says it has gone downhill since the sale.

A volunteer has been trying to maintain the cemetery as the legal disputes have not been settled.

“Floral Hills Memory Gardens remains plagued by absent owners”


This once registered cemetery, that is still active, has not had a legal owner for several years.  


This situation of unwanted abandonment has meant plot owners, and family and friends of those buried at Floral Hills Memory Gardens — as well as additional help from caring and concerned volunteers — have all had to continually step in to maintain the grounds and gravesites.  


This story describes the events causing this long crisis and how its effects are creating unbearable hardship and heartache for those who have friends and loved ones buried at Floral Hills Memory Gardens; a modern cemetery that once held so much promise to be a beautiful place of eternal peace and rest.


Answers need to come for Floral Hills Memory Gardens in Chillicothe (and also the Floral Hills Memory Gardens in Circleville), and soon.  

“Clean Up Floral Hills Memory Gardens in Chillicothe Facebook Page”