Norman Norberg’s diminutive white marble marker proudly stands as a prominent landmark for Section 3A at Calvary Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio


 Cemetery marker for Section 3A at Calvary Catholic Cemetery Lorain, Ohio 

(Below two photographs)
The white marble marker for 

Norman Norberg – 1919 – 1921


Norman Norberg of Lorain, Ohio, son of Carl and Ruth (Arbaugh) Norberg, only lived 2 years, 6 months, and 25 days.: February 20, 1919 – September 15, 1921, but today neither he or his final resting place are forgotten.  

His freshly cleaned white marble marker with its adorable reclining lamb nestled next to a “baby tree stump”stands as a singularly important landmark for Section 3A at Calvary Cemetery in the city where he was born, lived, and died.

 I feel Norman, and his upright grave marker standing alone by a bend in the roadway near the section sign, extend their welcoming greeting to me for whenever I visit the gravesite of my maternal great-grandmother Antonina (AKA Antonia) Szczepankiewicz, who was also buried in the same section.



The lower right photo of Norman Norberg’s marker was taken almost two months after it was cleaned with D/2 Biological Solution.





Record from the Catholic Cemeteries of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese:


Norman Norberg

Death Date:

15 Sep 1921

Death Place:

Lorain, USA

Section Number  3A

Grave Number   12


Sending angels to watch over Norman Norberg and all of those dearly departed souls who found peace and rest in Section 3A at Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio. 

Sharing Photos of Grave Markers and Monuments that Stand Along the Main Roadway at Section 6 at Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio

Sharing various photographs taken February 14, 2018 at Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio. 

These monuments and markers seen in the photographs are at or near the cemetery’s main roadway in Section 6 which leads up to the cemetery’s exit.  


Of particular note regarding some of the older monuments, and smaller size markers, is that the ceramic photographs are missing from the insets placed for them on the stone.  I don’t know if there was vandalism that caused their removal or another reason, but it is something to make one wonder about.  Otherwise, the angel topped monuments seem to be intact, which is indeed good news!  

It can be noted also that some of the angels are praying.