Latest Update Regarding the North Royalton Cemetery and Plans for Upgrades

Source: Latest Update Regarding the North Royalton Cemetery and Plans for Upgrades


Have a Merry and White Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this joyous day!  


Sharing this story from Wooster, Ohio, published by the “Akron Beacon Journal

By Paula Schleis

Beacon Journal/ that is so appropriate for today. 




(Photo above from All Saints Cemetery in Northfield, Ohio.)

(Photo by Linda Jean Limes Ellis)

I Found Records for my Ancestors’ Parish! Now What?

If you are researching a Polish line for your ancestors, this is a wonderful blog to read and enjoy!

From Shepherds and Shoemakers

I spend a fair amount of time each week helping budding genealogists in the Polish Genealogy group on Facebook. Frequently, we assist people by locating collections of vital records for their ancestral parishes in digital archives, but after that, it’s up to the individuals to use those records. And I sometimes get the sense that people aren’t really sure how to make the best use of those collections, after they’ve found a record or two for their family. So I’d like to take this opportunity to explain how I milk a collection of vital records for every drop of usable information.

Verify that this is the correct location for your family.

The first step is always to connect the parish to your family by finding one record — say, your great-grandmother’s birth record — that is unmistakeably correct. If all the U.S. data point to the parish of Gradzanowo Kościelne…

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