Concerns shed light on Clover Hill Cemetery

Source: Concerns shed light on Clover Hill Cemetery


Don’t Overlook that Unlikely Newspaper for Anecdotes about Your Ancestors

I already had the unusual photo of my 2nd cousin (twice removed), Ellza Limes, with the squirrels perched on his arms that I acquired some years ago.  So when I “bumped into” the little article about him (even though his first name was misspelled in the newspaper) while searching for stories on my father and grandfather who lived in Lorain County, I thought how neat that the little story is about one of my more colorful distant ancestors — and his pet squirrels, apparently dozens of them as I just learned!  

Of course, this was not the type of information I expected to find in an Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio newspaper knowing he had lived his whole life in the small village of Ridgeway, in Hardin County, Ohio.  

The experience confirms for me that human interest stories about our ancestors exists in places we might easily overlook.  Yet, if we follow that “little voice from within” we are led to them.  

Often the accounts are little more than anecdotes, such as this one is, but whatever their content, we instinctively treasure our newfound discovery about our ancestor.  We even gloat about the fact we believe we were meant to find their story despite the obvious odds, indeed we were right because if they want to be found, they will be!


The Ohio Genealogical Society is seeking writers who wish to share their historical accounts of the lives of those interred in Ohio’s Cemeteries — So here is an opportunity to share your knowledge of your favorite Ohio Cemetery!

From Susan Dunlap Lee, the Senior Editor of the “Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly” publication.
OGS is seeking contributing authors for this publication on the topic of preserving cemeteries through sharing of historical accounts of those interred in them.  Susan has provided the following information.:
“..articles are more about the people in the cemetery, their relationship to everyone there, point out military graves, personal data. Sort of “My Town” kind of article that you can put together from those who are buried in the cemetery. Far from the usual cemetery inscriptions.”
Susan can be contacted at the following email address:
Per Susan, it is not a requirement to be an Ohio Genealogical Society member to submit a story for publication.
If you are a member of OGS, or have access to a library that contains OGS publications, you can reference the feature articles about the Stratford Cemetery in Delaware as an example for the type of content, etc. that Susan is seeking for cemetery articles.
From Vol. 56 No 3. 2016 OGSQ (Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly starting on Page 320.:
“Stratford Cemetery: Restoring a Pioneer Burial Ground in Delaware County, Ohio”
Based on report by John Tetz
(Interview by Laurel Sheppard, OGSQ Assistant Editor)
Please contact Susan Dunlap Lee directly at if you are interested and/or have any questions.
Thank you!