Find A Grave Changes Are a Coming!

A Heads up for those of us who are contributors and users of Find A Grave, which as most of us know by now, has been taken over by!  More changes are to come with the Find A Grave website.

Click Here to read about upcoming changes for Find A Grave.  

Now might be a good time to go into your “Contributor Tools” and download your data.:

“Download Your Data”

“You can download your records for a cemetery or virtual cemetery by choosing it from the list below. The data will download as a tab-delimited Excel file. This format can be imported into a variety of programs. Add cemeteries to your My Cemeteries list to see them listed here.”

Just a tip:  I use a Windows 7 64bit desk top computer and when I downloaded a cemetery file it saved it to a .txt format instead of an Excel format.  I changed the .txt to a .xls and the file then opened up in Excel for me.  I could also re-save the .xls into a .xlsx file.  I still have Office 2007 on my computer.  So, if your downloaded cemeteries default to .txt this would be a workaround for you.

Ancestors, Snake Oil, and Politics

Sharing this newspaper advertisement for “Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale People” which was obviously an early “snake oil” scam, however, one of my Limes ancestors, Dr. Jesse Laws Limes, apparently was not afraid to be associated with it!

If you Google the name of the product you will find a lot of links and photographs about it.

I am not 100% sure that the drawing in the newspaper article is that of Dr. Limes or Dr. Williams.  This advertisement appeared in 1897 in a Chanute, Kansas newspaper. It appears in several issues over the years in this newspaper with the same drawing and Dr. J. L. Limes’ name.

Note, among the reasons Dr. Limes  states he was well-known “in this part of Kansas and Fayette County, Ohio” was that he was chairman of the Republican County Central Committee (Stafford County, Kansas.)