Sharing Susan Hoffman Matthews’ website with photograph collections

Sharing Susan Hoffman Matthews genealogical website

Under the tab “Photographs Collections” – Susan has so kindly shared her photographs she took on Saturday, September 21, 2019 in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio, when the deed was transferred from the United Methodists to the Wyandotte Nation Oklahoma for the Methodist Mission Church and the Old Mission Cemetery.  


Remembering Linda Kennelley Kurianowicz — Graduate of Lorain High School 1966

1966 graduation photo

 of Linda L. Kennelley Kurianowicz

Lorain High School

Lorain, Ohio


I first became acquainted with Linda Kennelley while attending  Longfellow Junior High School in Lorain, Ohio from 1960 to 1962.  

Afterward, we both attended Lorain High School; graduating in 1966.  

I lived on Arizona Avenue and Linda lived on New Jersey Avenue.

We were East Siders – residing East of the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge that spanned what was then Routes 6&2. We knew it better as East Erie Avenue.

Because Lorain’s downtown district is on Broadway just west of the bascule bridge, the East Side was the quiet side of town that didn’t have many businesses. 

Linda and I were both shy girls that soon learned we enjoyed each other’s company.

And, of course, we shared the same given name!  

There were a lot of “Lindas” in our classes down through the school years. It was a popular name for many of us who were born in the late 1940s.  My mother told me I was named after Linda Darnell who was a rising movie star at that time. 


During our last year at Lorain High School, Linda and I exchanged our senior pictures with each other. We wrote down our thoughts and good wishes for the future on the photo’s reverse side.  

I still have Linda’s wallet-size photo she gave me.  

Linda wrote:  

“To a real good friend that I hope our friendship will last.  Your friend Linda.” 

After we graduated from high school, Linda Kennelley and I did move on going in different directions. 

Linda married a fellow L.H.S. classmate; Roger Kurianowicz. He passed away in 1987 and was buried at Resthaven Memory Gardens in Avon.   

Linda’s parents were Charles C. Kennelley and Eileen Kennelley.

Sadly, in March of 2019, I read that Linda had passed away.  I was so shocked and just could not believe the grim news.

I went to the Dovin Funeral Home on Elyria Avenue in Lorain for Linda’s visitation.  I saw Linda’s two daughters and met and spoke to one.  I gave her my condolence card and my gift. 

When I walked up to Linda to pay my last respects to her and give her my goodbye with my prayers for her, I felt her presence around me.  The Linda I knew left behind a lot of people who loved her. They will carry their memories of her with them throughout their lifetime.  

I know I will too.


Linda, I know we will meet again.

Perhaps we’ll take a nice long walk together on East Erie Avenue one more time.      

Linda Kennelley Kurianowicz’s Find A Grave memorial

(Above photos by Linda Jean Limes Ellis)

The walkway leading up to the

 Garden of Wisdom Section

where Linda Kennelley Kurianowicz

and her husband, Roger, are buried.

Sharing an earlier photograph of Linda L. Kennelley