The Long Journey of a Tarlov Cyst Disease Patient Following Surgery

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I feel that the medical community, in general, has turned their backs on those who suffer the debilitating effects of this rare disease commonly known as Tarlov Cyst Disease.  The disease can linger in a person’s body almost undetected for years, however, due to circumstances coming from trauma such as falls and vehicle accidents, Tarlov Cysts become more and more painful.  One of the hallmarks of this disease is the feeling like the sufferer is “sitting on a rock.”  Those of us who belong to multiple Facebook Groups devoted to this rare disease read about it quite often by both young and old alike.  Yes, the disease primarily strikes women, but it can happen to men as well.  

Please know that needles in the spine treatments such as nerve blocks and aspirations can do more harm than good and that harm they cause can be permanent.  

The progressive march of Tarlov Cyst Disease is relentless robbing the affected person’s life of mobility through chronic deep pain that is persistent; and even all reason for them to hold out hope for a cure because doctors offer nothing that can reverse the progression of pain; and the doctors  don’t seem to care about the patient’s condition being as painful as it is.  

Medications and physical therapy are band-aids at best when stacked up against Tarlov Cyst Disease.  

Praying for the day in America and around the world when Tarlov Cyst Disease will be better understood by those in the medical profession, that more clinical trials to prevent or cure this disease will take place.  The numbers of people are growing who suffer from Tarlov Cyst Disease.  I see it in the six different Tarlov Cyst Disease Facebook Groups I belong to.  We know we are not alone, yet we still feel so alone.