Spotlighting Westwood Cemetery in Oberlin, (Lorain County) Ohio

Sharing photographs taken on June 22, 2016 while touring the beautiful Westwood Cemetery in Oberlin, Ohio.  

Westwood Cemetery’s character is a welcoming one that reaches out and beckons you to return and extend your explorations among the headstones – taking time also to stroll by its peaceful pond where you might happen upon one of the ‘resident critters’ lazily gliding through the still waters.

Westwood Cemetery’s exceptionally maintained grounds are gracefully encircled by smooth asphalt roadways that make a drive around the sections a comfortable experience.

  Easy to see and read section markers are erected throughout the cemetery that keep the visitor apprised of their current location.

Copies of printed materials are available in weatherproof boxes located at the gated entrance that include a helpful Cemetery Section Map, a two-sided document detailing its rich diverse history, and a listing of all of the names of those buried in Potters Field. 














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