The Save Shannon Cemetery Group Faces More Hostility from Bluffton City Council

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Bluffton Ohio Councilman Warren tells man to “shut up & sit down”

Listen to how this man is treated by Bluffton, Ohio Village councilman Warren at time 2:50 minutes in this excerpt of the Bluffton City Council meeting of March 21, 2016.

Ray was trying to get to the bottom of the runaround The Save Shannon Cemetery group has received for the last year by the Village of Bluffton Ohio, concerning the destruction of a cemetery his ancestors are buried in. After the village appointed a handpicked cemetery commission that unanimously voted to put the cemetery back as it was & in a state of preservation. The village is now playing political games of tabling & not tabling the recommendation & parts of it.

Tell Bluffton, Ohio’s elected officials what you think of their BS, lies, intimidation, & destructiveness.

Roger Warren

Current Term Expires Dec. 31, 2017

2016 Committees: Utilities

The History of Luxor Ltd. of Chicago & Bakelite Boxes Manufacturered for Them by General Industries of Elyria, Ohio

Sharing a link to “CollectingVintageCompacts” and the blog post entitled:

“History of Luxor Cosmetics — “The Brand that was Born in Blood”that offers a highly detailed and colorful historical account of the Luxor Cosmetics Company of Chicago, Illinois and their products manufactured down through the years.  

Below are photographs of two Luxor bakelite boxes that were manufactured by the General Industries Company of Elyria, Ohio.  

The beige and brown bakelite box has much of its original contents, minus a lipstick.  Included is a small brochure that is dated 1933.  The complexion powder in cardboard box and rouge tint in a small green plastic compact are both in never-used condition.  Their noticeable scent still lingers when the bakelite box lid is removed.

How to Add Information to Your Family Photographs to Help Tell Their Story

Sharing a blog post from “Save Family Photos” that is rather simple to utilize to add in the important information about the who, what, when, and where:


Here is my example below:

Bill Limes & Harry Limes

Bill Limes & Harry Limes


The General Industries Co. of Elyria, Ohio Exhibit at the Lorain County Historical Society

Sharing the feature story about The General Industries Co. Exhibit that appears March 3, 2016 on the website of the “MorningJournal” in Lorain, Ohio. 
On Tuesday, I visited the Lorain County Historical Society’s Starr House expressly to tour the General Industries Co. exhibit there since both my parents had worked at the company and it was important to me to view the artifacts. Also visiting at the same time were Kelsey Leyva and Eric Bonzar of the “MorningJournal” to cover a story about the exhibit.  My thanks to them for their interviewing me about my knowledge of the General Industries that I derived from my parents, Harry and Virginia (Zagorsky) Limes.  In fact because of their employment, they met and on December 7, 1944 got married.  

So, I have always felt that General Industries Company of Elyria, Ohio was a big part of my life because I would not be here without it!  

My father who had been living in Elyria and had previously been a lather when, in early 1934, he traded in his lathing tools to learn a new trade as a molder after walking into General Industries one day to ask for a job and being hired.  It was during the time of the Great Depression and jobs were difficult to come by.  My father ws so pleased to get the opportunity to be employed by a company as large as General Industries.   

My mother, who was from Lorain, had been a waitress for awhile and also had worked from about 1935 to 1939 at the Central Glass Works in Wheeling when her employer shuttered its doors.  She then returned to Lorain and needed to look for work again.   She told me she heard that the General Industries Co. was hiring and so she applied there and was hired.  

So, it was fate working through the General Industries that brought my parents together, and who ultimately were married 44 years.