If you live in Lyndhurst, Ohio – Please be aware of how the deer in your city are going to be killed off

Monday, February 15th at 6:30pm:  Lyndhurst City Hall

“We will be having a peaceful protest before attending the city hall meeting at 7:30pm.”


Not much big for news usually happens in Lyndhurst, Ohio which is normally a quiet suburb east of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County.  

However, when something big happens for news, and especially if it is seriously disconcerting, the residents of the city and beyond need to become aware of it.  

I am writing about the decision that Lyndhurst’s mayor and city council members are planning to implement in their quest to cull the deer that roam in the city.  The deer lost their natural habitat when Legacy Village in Lyndhurst was built.  

Referencing some links that will help explain this whole situation and the gory details of the barbaric methods used on the deer in Lyndhurst and how they will be forced to endure agonizing injuries in cages before being outright killed by humans:

Lyndhurst Deer Advocates on Facebook 

Lyndhurst Deer Advocates Website

How you can get involved

Lyndhurst Deer - Walton Hills Council LETTER





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