A Cemetery Mystery – Where is Lake Side (or Lakeside) Cemetery pictured in this post card – “Memorial Day 1922 No. 2”

Lakeside Cemetery post card - 1922_0001

This is a post card I purchased recently from an antique mall in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio.

The cemetery is definitely in America because American flags are seen.  

From what I have learned thus far, this is not the Lakeside Cemetery in Bay Village, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; which per the big blue book:  “Ohio Cemeteries 1803 – 2003” published by the Ohio Genealogical Society, is the only Lakeside Cemetery in Ohio.

There is a remarkably similar Civil War monument/statue at a Lakeside Cemetery in Pekin, Illinois.  However, upon closer inspection, it definitey is not the same as the one in the post card.

My hopeful assumption is that the Civil War monument/statue in this post card from 1922 still stands wherever it is located!  It is an identifying feature of this particular Lake Side (Lakeside) Cemetery that was so full of people; both young and old, visiting it on that Memorial Day.   They paid their respects to those buried there who had fought in wars up until that time – just as we do today.    

So, I appeal to anyone who can identify this cemetery to leave a comment.  Thank you.  


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