“Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries”

Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries” — A closed Facebook Group:


Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries Facebook group is dedicated to the preservation of Ohio’s cemeteries and protecting the gravesites of those who are interred in them.

Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries:

Advocates strengthening the Ohio Revised Codes to better protect all of Ohio’s Cemeteries regardless of their status; whether active, inactive or abandoned.

Promotes the use of recommended products and procedures publicly advocated by such well-known and respected individuals and organizations as:

Jonathan Appell

Lynette Strangstad

Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies

“The National Park Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training” NCPTT




Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries specifically stands against and does in no way condone the use of harmful aggressive and abrasive products and practices including using wire brushes, power washers or power tools such as Nyalox hard nylon brush wheels that rotate at high speeds when attached to power drills.

Preserving Ohio’s Cemeteries also stands against applying products such as bleach, or “Wet and Forget” to clean gravestones which cause irreversible damage.

SEPT 23 - 2015 - BEF & AFT D2 ON 3 MARKERS

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