Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and A Reminder to Stay Safe Visiting Cemeteries!

Sharing Messages below courtesy of Mark Morton of Gravestone Guardians of Ohio

Thanksgiving Day meme from Mark Morton - 2015Talking Tree safety message - 11-25-2015

Sending these messages and reminders as we look forward to Thanksgiving and the upcoming Holiday Season when more of us tend to visit cemeteries and decorate relatives and ancestors gravesites. 

Please remember to be safe while at a cemetery.  And staying safe at a cemetery includes being careful when walking around monuments that could topple over.  They don’t have to be large or old monuments; just unstable ones. 

Since we may not always be sure if a monument is entirely stable, to be safe rather than sorry, please be mindful not to lean against or accidentally push on a marker or monument. 

Please stay near and watch children that come with you to the cemetery.  Children are curious and often play hide and seek around monuments or other games, and tragedy can strike so suddenly.  

The monuments below may be unsecured to their base; they are leaning and could topple over.


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