Harvey E. E. Limes and Nancy Jane Stansbury Limes and Children


Compiled by Linda Jean Limes Ellis

Harvey Edward Estel Limes was born on May 20, 1843. He was the second oldest son of Harrison Limes and Eliza (Aber) Limes who were married on April 7, 1841 in Highland County, Ohio. Page 813 of he book, “History of Fayette County”, by R. S. Dills – 1881 – includes Harvey E. E. in the write-up about his father.

Harvey’s paternal grandfather was War of 1812 veteran William Limes (1778-1863) who was buried at Walnut Creek Cemetery, Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio. Harrison Limes, Harvey’s father (1816-1888) was buried at Cochran Cemetery in Fayette County.

The brothers and sister of Harvey E. E. Limes were: William II, Harriet Ann, Charles W., Hannah R., Winfield Scott, and Atha Eliza J.

Sergeant Harvey Limes served in the Civil War in the 73rd O.V.I., Co. “G” along with his brother, William II. Harvey enlisted twice, November 6, 1861 and was discharged on a surgeon’s certificate on August 27, 1862. He enrolled again on January 16, 1864 and was discharged on July 20, 1865 at the end of the war. His war papers list him as being born in Fayette County, Ohio and having black eyes, black hair, 5’ 9” tall; a farmer, and a resident of Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio.

On October 31, 1869, Harvey married Nancy Jane Stansbury of Illinois whom he met while visiting an army friend there. Harvey E. E. Limes passed away on December 10, 1917 in La Harpe, Kansas and was buried there. His wife, Nancy Jane, died on May 7, 1934 in La Harpe, Kansas.


Ida Mae                      born: June 23, 1871                 died:  1943

Lida Jemina              born: December 22, 1872       died: June 15, 1948

Ada Henryetta (twin) born: November 22, 1874       died: December 24, 1903

Atha Jeanetta (twin) born: November 22, 1874       died: October 18, 1956

Lee Andrew                born: May 20, 1877                died: August 27, 1965

Charles Byron            born: July 21, 1882                 died: June, 1963

Anna Mary                  born: August 22, 1884             died: November 26, 1946

Harvey Anderson:       born: November 8, 1886         died: November 2, 1969

Alma Rebecca             born: November 8, 1887        died: August 5, 1930

Harrison B.:                 born: April 18, 1889                 died: May 21, 1889

Owen Leslie “Barney”born: September 23, 1890      died: December 22, 1973


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