Sharing New “Before and After” Cleaning Photographs of a Small Row of Grave Markers at the Old Burying Ground, Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio

Old Burying Ground - D-2 right after photo of 3 stonesOld Burying Ground - D-2 after photo of 3 stones SEPT 23 - 2015 - BEF & AFT D2 ON 3 MARKERSThanking Scott Andersen who shares these new “Before and After Cleaning” photographs of white marble markers set in slotted bases at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio.

The gravestones are for the following (left to right):


From Scott – September 23, 2015:
“Another “D/2” testimonial.
These headstones were cleaned by Geneva Weaver, her sister Phyllis, and Jacquelyn Doles just over a month ago. 

They are starting to lighten up!”


 Be sure to check out the calendar on the website of the Greenfield Historical Society for information about upcoming work sessions conducted by volunteers working in this their second year.

The Old Burying Ground is Greenfield’s oldest cemetery where many of its earliest pioneers were laid to rest.  Original headstones mark their graves.  Most have long needed extensive cleaning, repairing, and re-setting.

The results are strikingly clear.

 This all-volunteer group of historical society members and concerned folks who want to join them are getting the job done one grave marker at a time; making great strides by advancing row by row. Their organized planning and caring hands approach have truly transformed this once neglected and deteriorated cemetery that has silently sat on the Paint Creek’s western edge for well over two hundred years.    

Harvey E. E. Limes and Nancy Jane Stansbury Limes and Children


Compiled by Linda Jean Limes Ellis

Harvey Edward Estel Limes was born on May 20, 1843. He was the second oldest son of Harrison Limes and Eliza (Aber) Limes who were married on April 7, 1841 in Highland County, Ohio. Page 813 of he book, “History of Fayette County”, by R. S. Dills – 1881 – includes Harvey E. E. in the write-up about his father.

Harvey’s paternal grandfather was War of 1812 veteran William Limes (1778-1863) who was buried at Walnut Creek Cemetery, Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio. Harrison Limes, Harvey’s father (1816-1888) was buried at Cochran Cemetery in Fayette County.

The brothers and sister of Harvey E. E. Limes were: William II, Harriet Ann, Charles W., Hannah R., Winfield Scott, and Atha Eliza J.

Sergeant Harvey Limes served in the Civil War in the 73rd O.V.I., Co. “G” along with his brother, William II. Harvey enlisted twice, November 6, 1861 and was discharged on a surgeon’s certificate on August 27, 1862. He enrolled again on January 16, 1864 and was discharged on July 20, 1865 at the end of the war. His war papers list him as being born in Fayette County, Ohio and having black eyes, black hair, 5’ 9” tall; a farmer, and a resident of Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio.

On October 31, 1869, Harvey married Nancy Jane Stansbury of Illinois whom he met while visiting an army friend there. Harvey E. E. Limes passed away on December 10, 1917 in La Harpe, Kansas and was buried there. His wife, Nancy Jane, died on May 7, 1934 in La Harpe, Kansas.


Ida Mae                      born: June 23, 1871                 died:  1943

Lida Jemina              born: December 22, 1872       died: June 15, 1948

Ada Henryetta (twin) born: November 22, 1874       died: December 24, 1903

Atha Jeanetta (twin) born: November 22, 1874       died: October 18, 1956

Lee Andrew                born: May 20, 1877                died: August 27, 1965

Charles Byron            born: July 21, 1882                 died: June, 1963

Anna Mary                  born: August 22, 1884             died: November 26, 1946

Harvey Anderson:       born: November 8, 1886         died: November 2, 1969

Alma Rebecca             born: November 8, 1887        died: August 5, 1930

Harrison B.:                 born: April 18, 1889                 died: May 21, 1889

Owen Leslie “Barney”born: September 23, 1890      died: December 22, 1973

If You Suffer from Back Pain, Have Had an MRI, and Learn You have “Tarlov Cysts” (AKA Perineural Cysts) – What Should You Do to Better Understand Them?

“Tarlov Cysts”

If you suffer from back pain (possibly low back pain); have had an MRI test conducted on the Lumbar area or possibly other areas of your spine —  PLEASE request a written copy of the results of your spinal MRI — even if the doctor says your results are “Normal”. 

After reading through the results, if you see “Tarlov Cysts” or Perineural Cysts mentioned in your report; but no other description about them — such as their exact size, exact number at a specific location, then please call your doctor and ask him or her to contact the radiologist to have them amend your MRI report to include those details, and obtain the revised report with that information. 

This information about your “Tarlov Cysts” is important for you to know. 

Unfortunately, most doctors, even specialists, contend that Tarlov cysts, particularly smaller ones, are asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms which equals no pain.) 

However, it has been shown that Tarlov cysts can cause pain primarily if the person has experienced some traumatic event.  This type of  trauma would include such events as falling or being in a vehicle accident, or even picking up heavy items. 

I feel it is good to know these things as it can help you with your daily activities and make decisions about what to refrain from doing, and being more careful with your walking so you don’t fall.

Click HERE for links to some “YouTube” Videos about “Tarlov Cysts” 

Click HERE for a link to the Closed Facebook Group:  “Tarlov Cysters”

Click HERE for the Closed Facebook Group:  “Tarlov Cyst Support”

There are other Facebook Groups whose focus is “Tarlov Cysts” that can be explored as well.

Link to “Clinicalgate” and their article about Tarlov Cysts.

“Tarlov Cysts”

“Frank Feigenbaum, Jean-Marc Voyadzis, Fraser C. Henderson”

Exerpt from report below:

“Tarlov cyst is a bulbous enlargement of a spinal nerve root cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) space that is distinct from other meningeal cysts, such as dural ectasia or meningeal diverticula. Tarlov cysts most often are found in the sacral spinal canal, where they can produce bone erosion and compression of adjacent spinal nerve roots, resulting in a debilitating sacral radiculopathy syndrome.

“Tarlov first described these cysts in 1938 during his autopsy studies of the filum terminale at the Montreal Neurological Institute.1 Since his seminal report, numerous cases of symptomatic Tarlov cysts have been published in the literature.27 With the advent of MRI, our ability to diagnose meningeal cysts, such as Tarlov cysts, has been enhanced.”

Another Work Session is Coming Up at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield (Highland County) Ohio – Saturday, September 19, 2015 beginning at 8:00a.m.

Regulars Scott and Venus Andersen, along with many other members of the Historical Society in Greenfield, Ohio, and other volunteers who wish to join them, will be working once again at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Ohio, on Saturday, September 19th, 2015, beginning at 8:00a.m.  

****The group can always use more volunteers!****