More Details Announced about the Upcoming Connersville, (Fayette County, Indiana), Cemetery Preservation Workshop – May 9, 2015

 “Here is what you have all been waiting for – Ticket Registration for our Workshop in Fayette County, Indiana! There has been a lot of interest in this workshop, so purchase your tickets soon to make your reservation.

Mt. Zion Cemetery is located close to Connersville, Indiana, 47331, and is very centrally located in the tri-state area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio making this an easy day-trip to attend this workshop.”

Click on the link below to get started! 


Here is Mark Morton’s Bio:

“We started Gravestone Guardians of Ohio through the long road of genealogy. This began with making a week long quest to look up ancestors in their final resting places amongst the cemeteries of Ohio.

As I hunted through the tombstones, I found so many in need of saving before they became lost to time forever. After this venture into my family’s past, I resolved to learn the best preservation methods possible. This search was not unlike my search for ancestors. 

Like any good genealogical search, it meant being a good detective and not picking up the first piece of information and calling it a day. It meant being thorough by calling around, e-mailing preservation groups, attending workshops, and taking on cemetery preservation as a skill to be learned like any college class or vocational training. 

This led me to attending preservation conferences organized by the NCPTT, the National Center for Preservation Training & Technology.  They are by far the experts in the field of preservation and guide the preservation of our nation’s most historic treasures. 

This knowledge gave me the skill set to cover the three main topics of cemetery preservation:  proper cleaning, proper repair, and proper resetting.  As a result of this, we use the best proven cleaners, mortars, and epoxies in the field.

But stopping there is not good enough for us.  We constantly attend new workshops and conferences every year to stay on the cutting edge of this relatively new preservation field. We always want to do what is best for the cemetery and tombstone. 

We also do our best to pass on this knowledge through holding workshops and classes across the country. 

Our goal is to always promote cemetery awareness & education through the example of our work. 

For examples of this work and education, please regularly visit our webpage at:


 We wish you much success in you tombstone or cemetery preservation endeavors.”

Mark Morton - his logo photo for Indiana workshop - March 19 2015 Mark Morton - his photo by stone for Indiana workshop - March 19 2015 Mark Morton - group photo for Indiana workshop - March 19 2015

Mark Morton


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