Harman Lymes and the Old Bailey Proceedings

Harmon Limes was my 4th great-grandfather.

For this record, Harman (Harmon) Lymes (Limes) was spelled as “Herman Limas”

(February 22, 2015 from the London & Middlesex Facebook Group)


Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

13th January 1773

About this dataset

Currently Held: Harvard University Library

LL ref: t17730113-38

(Pages 85 and 86)

211 (M.) HERMAN LIMAS was indicted for stealing a silver watch, value 40 s. and five halfpence, the property of John Norris , privately from his person , Dec. 31 .

John Norris . I live at the Blue Anchor, Savoy-hill; I lost my watch in Whitechapel , by the Barleymow; I had it when I went out of the house the people told me; I was very much in liquor; I do not who was there.

Joseph Gilbert . I saw the key of the watch hang out of Norris’s pocket as he was in the house, at the Barleymow, Whitechapel. I saw the prisoner take two-pence or two-pence halfpenny out of his pocket; he said he was his brother; Norris was asleep.

Thomas Potter . I was in the Barleymow; about eight o’clock the prisoner took the halfpence out of his pocket, and said he was his brother; he then brought Norris out of the door and took the watch out of his pocket. On the Saturday following the prisoner and another man came to the Barleymow again; I said that is the man that took the watch out of the man’s pocket; he wanted to go out of the house, but the landlord would not let him till Norris was sent for.

Edward Whentley . I saw the watch key hang out of the prosecutor’s pocket, and I saw the prisoner take the money out of his pocket.

Prisoner’s Defence.

We were drinking together, and we went out to go home together; he would call in at the Barleymow; we had a pot of beer; he sell asleep, and I took the money out of his pocket to pay for the liquor because I had not enough of my own; he got up and we went out; I went away and he went in again; I never took the watch.

Guilty of stealing, but not privately from the person . T

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