Remembering Arlene Esther Newman and the Red Cross Clubmobile

A few years ago I purchased 26 small black and white photographs from a local antique store that immediately intrigued me.  They were definitely World War II era.  Most of those small photos had an image of the same lady in them.  After turning over many of the photographs I read her name was handwritten on almost all of them – Arlene Esther Newman.

Some of the photographs reveal that Arlene Esther Newman was with the Red Cross Clubmobile in England and parts of Europe in Germany, France and Switzerland in 1945 and 1946.

I eventually donated all 26 of Arlene’s photographs to the Schlesinger Library of the Radcliffe Institute of Harvard University.  I was so thrilled that they accepted them.  Previously to that, I had offered them to the American Red Cross, but they had turned them down because they said they weren’t sure they had the room for them.  Now, all of these wonderful historical photographs are also posted online by the library.  I was thrilled to see them and know that they indeed have a good home.

Before I donated them, I made copies of the photographs for myself.  Below the links to the Schlesinger Library are a few of the photographs from my own collection of the copies. 

Links below to the online photographs at the Schlesinger Library:

HOLLIS number: olvwork717345
Portraits of Arlene Esther Newman [photographs]. 6 images.
ca. 1918-1945
Link to HOLLIS record:

HOLLIS number: olvwork719502
Images of Arlene Esther Newman, her colleagues, and locations of her Red Cross Clubmobile work in Europe [photographs]. 20 images.
Link to HOLLIS record:


Arlene Newman - December 1945 - by Clubmobile

ARLENE NEWMAN PHOTOS - Dec 1945 Germany & 2 unknown dates

ARLENE NEWMAN PHOTOS - June 1946 to August 1946 - Germany


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