Sharing a Post from the NCPTT (National Center for Preservation Technology and Training) on the Subject of “Abrasive Cleaning of Grave Markers”

Sharing this blog post by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training just posted today entitled:  “Abrasive Cleaning of Grave Markers”

This article can also be accessed from the home page of the National Park Service


Thanking  Dr. Mary Striegel for answering my question in the post concerning the use of abrasive tools on gravestones such as  “Nyalox Brushes”* that rotate on power drills used to clean and ‘polish’ the surface of a gravestone for inscription reading purposes, etc.; and often promoted for use in the name of restoring a gravestone to its original state.  

No one is saying that these types of brushes do not have their proper place for an appropriate and effective use.  In my opinion, a gravestone is not one of them.  As this article points out, if you would not use this type of a power tool to clean “the surface of your automobile” ….”then you would not use it to clean a grave marker.”  


I encourage anyone who has questions regarding using any power tool on a gravestone to please devote a few moments to read this story, and consider that it is worth it to you and the gravestone to make the choice to use the least aggressive methods first — methods that are non-invasive, non-toxic, and almost free!   

For reading faint inscriptions on gravestones, try using mirrors ** to reflect sunlight on the names and dates.  

 If you feel you must clean, use plain water; it is recommended to use distilled water***.   

Please review all of your options before taking even a scraper, or a brush, to a gravestone.  Or, applying a chemical.  Try the least abrasive and invasive techniques such as those mentioned above first.  It will benefit both you and the gravestone with this approach!  




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Spotlighting “Along Spain Creek” about Champaign County, Ohio – and its Creator, Ralph L. Coleman, Jr., Author of an Inspiring Trilogy of New Books — “Along Spain Creek”: Volumes 1and 2** are Now Published, – Volume 3 – Coming in September, 2014″

It is my pleasure to share the exciting announcement of Ralph L. Coleman, Jr.’s new Champaign County, Ohio themed trilogy of books entitled: “Along Spain Creek” – Volumes 1 and 2** are currently in publication, and Volume 3, which will be available September 1, 2014.

I’m sure these publications will interest many of my blog readers who have long focused their research about life in Ohio’s smaller villages and rural areas where its early pioneers, with their determined spirits and enterprising ways, created the Buckeye State’s history — a history woven within life stories that have been left untold for far too long — just waiting for us to discover. I’m sure we’ll find some of those stories on the pages of “Along Spain Creek.”


Please visit Ralph’s Blog: “Along Spain Creek” (which is also featured on this blog under the category of “Genealogy Blogs of Interest).


Please take a moment to review Ralph’s descriptive details, and the order information for his new books provided below.

Thank you!

From Ralph:

*** Along Spain Creek: Volume 1 ***

Published May 4, 2014


“Small town humor, pathos, mystery, people, places and things are all to be found in this first volume of stories, experiences, tall tales, and historical notes spun out of the environs of a group of rural communities which are located in central Ohio, situated near an insignificant, meandering stream called Spain Creek.

The approximate 66 vignettes include such diverse topics as the history of North Lewisburg, local cemeteries…to include the work projects of Linda Ellis…, the post office robbery, fraternal and social organizations, old newspaper accounts, characters who were the life-blood of the community, and so much more!

*** Along Spain Creek: Volume 2 ***

**Available from Amazon July 8th, 2014 and Available from The Author July 15, 2014


The vignettes continue in this second volume of historic nostalgia about people, places, things and happenings along Spain Creek in central Ohio.

*** Along Spain Creek: Volume 3 ***

To be published September 1, 2014


This volume will conclude the trilogy.


Each volume is 6 inches x 9 inches, and approximately 180 pages.

Two books in this trilogy are now available for sale on two sites or via mail:

· To order a personalized, autographed, numbered limited first edition of:

Along Spain Creek: Volume 1 and/or Volume 2**

Visit the author’s BlogSpot at:

· Search the right side of the page for the “Visit My Store” button.

· Click, and enter the Along Spain Creek STORE.

Volume 1 is currently priced at $17.99.

Volume 2 is currently priced at $17.99.

Volume 3, when released, will be priced at $19.99.

Buyers should NOT order Volume 3 prior to September 1st, the release date.

Your debit or credit card purchase is secured via PayPal. You can print out a copy of your order form as your receipt.

Once you’ve made your purchase, be sure to send the author an e-mail describing how you would like your personalized book(s) to be signed.

That e-mail address is:

Your personalized and numbered books will be shipped to you via First Class Mail.

If you prefer to order by check, send your check (or money order) for the purchase amount (plus $2.00 s/h) to the author at:

Ralph L. Coleman, Jr.

1678 East 1475 South

Ogden, UT 84404-6009

Be sure to include your personalization request!

Buyers of Volume 1 and Volume 2 will have matching limited first edition numbers.

If Volume 3 is subsequently purchased via the Along Spain Creek STORE, (or via mail) it will also have a matching limited first edition number so the buyer’s set is complete.

· If you prefer to purchase your non-personalized, non-numbered, standard first edition of Volume 1 or Volume 2 via, there are links on the Along Spain Creek BlogSpot to take you directly to Books purchased through are shipped from the Amazon distribution site.”


Reminder from Ralph:

**”Volume 2 is now available on, but not on my Along Spain Creek Store.

Volume 2 can now be purchased on in both paperback and Kindle versions.

The paperback version on is a standard paperback, and not personalized, not numbered, and not limited first edition. Those books can only be purchased on my site, and are not available until July 15th.”


Also, thanking Ralph for so kindly including my great-great-great grandfather, Harmon Limes, Jr., who was North Lewisburg’s first appointed marshal.

“I have mentioned you and your great cemetery work in Volume 1, in a vignette titled “Common Ground,” which can be found on pages 118-120. This item deals with the cemeteries in and around North Lewisburg, and your ancestor Harmon Limes, Jr.”

Sharing a News Story about North Lewisburg, Ohio — But where is News of Funding for the Cemeteries?

Sharing this news story from the “Urbana Daily Citizen” published on their website on July 4, 2014:

By Lee Jones

“NORTH LEWISBURG — Village Council members unanimously passed a temporary budget for 2015 at the regular meeting Tuesday.

Mayor Jason Keeran said there will be a carry-over balance of $544,000 from 2014. The total revenue expected, taking into account the carry-over plus estimated 2015 revenue and CD funds, comes to $1,970,757.

Keeran announced an estimated appropriation of $1,373,300. The budget was passed unanimously with all members present.

Contracts to repair and replace three roofs of village buildings were approved at the meeting. The first was a replacement for the Municipal Building’s roof, which will cost $23,300. The work will go to contractor Roof Dog.

Another local contractor, First & First, will work on the water treatment plant roof for $8,250 and the wastewater treatment plant roof for $2,750.

Council unanimously approved a resolution allowing Keeran to prepare an application to the Ohio Public Works Commission for street paving funding.

Justin Meeker of Triad Junior Baseball took questions about this year’s fireworks show. He said just a week ago, the fireworks were not going to happen because of funding. TJB had a little over $3,500 to spend, even after months of fund-raising by Nathan Holycross and others, and Meeker put in a call to the supplier. He received a deal of a $3,500 show, which he said is the “bottom dollar” amount for fireworks.

Some people, including council members Cheryl Hollingsworth and David Scott, indicated they were misled about the fireworks because they were told it would end up costing over $6,000 to have fireworks. Meeker and Holycross said an average fireworks show does cost that much, but that TJB did not want to buy fireworks on credit and have to play catch-up on the cost.

Meeker said he did not want to take funding away from the kids for a season in order to have a brief show of “boom booms” on one day.

Holycross said some people who wanted to donate backed out after making commitments due to having problems with the fiscal choices of past boards. Those commitments, Holycross said, were taken into account, but ended up not materializing.

“That was very misleading for a lot of people,” Hollingsworth said.

Capt. David Rapp of the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office introduced new deputy Ryan Black, who will join Deputy Bryan Dixon on village patrol.

Tina Knotts, with the Union County Chamber and Tourism, passed out informational cards about the upcoming Covered Bridge Bluegrass Festival, Sept. 19-21, at the Pottersburg Bridge.

Lee Jones may be reached at 937-652-1331 Ext. 223 or on Twitter @UDCJones”


Nothing was mentioned in this City Council meeting about appropriation of funds for the Friends Cemetery and Butcher Cemetery; both located within the Village of North Lewisburg’s boundaries. My husband spent over an hour clearing away tall weed overgrowth around three gravestones.

I posted a comment with accompanying photographs for this story based on my visit to both cemeteries over the Fourth of July weekend this year.

Lewis Ravus (1876 – 1919) – Find A Grave Memorial

Lewis Ravus (1876 – 1919) – Find A Grave Memorial

Sharing this “Find A Grave” memorial.

Thanking Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio for sharing their interment record that led to finding his death certificate and solving this mystery. 

His gravestone is inscribed as: “Vasilie Ravas”.  Reading his short biography will tell the rest of the story about his life.