Headstones toppled, trees uprooted in Lorain cemetery

Sharing this news story. I visited Elmwood Cemetery yesterday and the huge uprooted tree seen in this story was still lying on the ground. I did not see any cemetery workers at Elmwood Cemetery.


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LORAIN, Ohio — Crews in Lorain are still cleaning up the mess the winds left behind after storms blew through Northeast Ohio Wednesday.

Elmwood Cemetery had several large trees uprooted, blocking roadways and toppling headstones.

Lorain work crews were back at the cemetery clearing the area from fallen trees on Friday.

“We are assessing the damage presently — we’ve been here for the last two days trying to clean up as much as we can. There are two large trees we are hoping to get to in a day or so,” said Robert Fowler, Lorain safety service director.

Some of the uprooted trees revealed the underground vaults where caskets are sealed.

“The roots grew into some of the vaults and then when they tumbled over it exposed some of those vaults,” said Fowler.

Some area residents came by the cemetery to see if any of their family’s…

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