Unknown Baby – possibly from Riordan Family

Unknown Baby - possibly from Riordan Family

This unknown baby photograph is a RPPC from Peck’s Studio in Akron, Ohio. It was sent to Linda Ellis in March, 2014 by Judy Fink Roth for identification.

Judy’s mother, Margaret Limes Fink, was Linda’s first cousin. The baby could have been in either the Limes family line or Riordan family line, but most likely the Riordan line. Margaret’s mother was Mary “Polly” Riordan Limes.

Unidentified Gentleman – Lorain, Ohio

Unidentified Gentleman - Lorain, Ohio

Is this a Joseph Diderow photograph – circa 1885 – 1886?

I have the book (1st edition – copyright 1998) of “Ohio Photographers 1839 – 1900”, by Diane Van Skiver Gagel.

In the Index, on page 53 it lists:

Didero, Joseph M. 1370 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio 1892 – 1899.

Below that is:

Diderow, Joseph, Lorain, 1885 – 1886.